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What is eTwinning?

Autor: Ljerka Bačurin, Patrik Vuković, 16. 11. 2017.

eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe. eTwinning offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.) working in a school in one of the European countries involved, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and, in short, feel and be part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.

eTwinning promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools.  At the heart of eTwinning are collaborative projects that are carried out at least by two schools. . The projects can have any topic and  they should have a good balance of ICT use and classroom activities.

Since 2005, eTwinning has engaged thousands of school staff, over 400,000 active members and over 50,000 ongoing projects!

Ljerka Bačurin, EFL teacher

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