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Autor: Ljerka Bačurin, Igor Subotić, Matea Kovačević, Kristian Golubić, 2. 10. 2017.

On 26th of September in 2017, the students, members of the Gimnazija Velika Gorica English Club Katarina Bačurin, Lana Ježovit, Nina King, Katarina Vidas, Lea Anđelković, Lucija Poturić, Matea Kovačević, Maja Roginić, Lorena Matun, Nikola Pleše, Stjepan Kos, Luka Kušec i Patrik Vuković, accompanied by Mrs Ljerka Bačurin, visited an event in Zagreb called „Speak dating“. 

Speak dating is all about learning languages from all over the Europe, taking ten-minute individual classes. 

Following the success of the Year of Languages, the Council of Europe declared a European Day of Languages to be celebrated on 26th of September each year. On the occasion of the day, a range of events are organised across Europe: activities for and with children, television and radio programmes, language classes and conferences.

The event took place at Cinema Europa with free entry so we took this opportunity to learn more languages and expand our knowledge of foreign cultures. The idea is to choose three of the offered languages; French, Finnish, Danish, German, Italian, Spanish, Latvian, Polish, English, Irish, Greek and many more, and take ten minute "dates" with speakers from different countries.

At the end of the whole event, each participant was a part of a draw out game in which the main prizes were gift boxes and free courses of foreign languages in Zagreb. Two of our students , Lucija Poturić (3.b) and Stjepan Kos (3.d) were lucky enough to win free courses in different languages.

Everyone had a lot of fun and everyone left with small gifts, given to us by embassies of different countries that participated in this event. 

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